• Series Premium Premade Covers - $99.99 Each
  • Classic Premade Covers - 49.99 Each
  • Unique Custom Designed Covers - $99.99 and Up
  • Basic Fiction Formatting - $69.99
  • Facebook, Twitter and Display Ads - $10.00 Each
  • Adult Coloring Book Cover Design - 49.99 (Print)
  • Consulting - $20.00 Per 15 Minute Increments

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Services & Products:

Whether you’re looking for something thoroughly unique or to the lead the pack in your genre, our covers will get you there. Premium series covers are nothing short of show stoppers. They're designed to be eye catching, look good in a thumbnail, and increase your conversion rate.

Pixel Perfect Publishing offers free customization of our premade covers and a true meeting of the minds experience for custom designed covers.

Give your novel a fighting chance at a best sellers slot with a cover that equals the story.