New Kindle Scout Nomination

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Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I grew up on our small family farm in Saskatchewan, Canada and writing was always something that I had been interested in doing, but it wasn't until after retirement that I decided to try my hand at writing the mystery and fantasy books I like to read. Being raised on the farm living and owing a rural residence for thirty-five years brought many dogs, cats, horses and other assorted pets that have enriched my life. I like to try and add a little humor to my stories and its these experiences with those many animals that help to offer inspiration for events my books. Also, the ghost stories that my brothers and I grew up with is another well from which I can draw inspiration. I currently live with my husband, two cats and a dog.

Can you tell us a little bout your most recent book?

My most recent book is a "cozy mystery" called "A Lingering Evil".  This is a story about a supposed haunted house and a woman who plans to use that story as the basis for a book she wants to write.  Of course, things don't go exactly as planned and her husband becomes the target of the house's evil.  I just hope that readers will be able to "get" my humor.  This is also my first time in writing in the first person and it's been a hoot.  I think a little more of "me" has leaked through into this story than I had originally planned, but that is what has made it so much fun.

What gave you the idea for this particular book?

The initial inspiration came from a picture I had taken of old abandoned houses and farm buildings and I had the idea of using such a place as the basis of a mystery.  There are a number of experiences in the book that have actually happened in my life and I thought these would add some realism to what I was writing.  I guess it will be up to readers to try and figure out which things really have happened.

What's the most exciting part about writing for you?

I thing that the most exciting part is actually creating the story.  I've always needed an outlet for creativity; be it hand crafts like knitting, crochet or cross-stitch and I've dabbled in many other crafts as well.  Writing is really no different.  It is a huge creative outlet for me.

What's it like to land a spot on Kindle Scout?

It's amazing to me that my first submission has been accepted by Kindle Scout.  I had been aware of the program while I was writing "A Lingering Evil", but it wasn't until I was finished the first draft that I seriously considered submitting my effort.  Since I have had no experience with this program and I only know of one other person that has submitted, I don't really know what the odds are for Kindle Scout to accept a book.  Of course, I would like my book to do well within this program, but just the fact that it has been accepted and getting a lot of free advertising for this and my other already published books, is wonderful. If readers are interested, "A Lingering Evil" will be in the Kindle Scout program until September 2, 2016 and the first chapter is there for everyone to read.  I would gratefully accept nominations.

What type of books to you write?

I have four other books published and they fall into two categories; Epic Fantasy and Mystery.  I have two books of a three book set published on Amazon (the third and final book should be out in early 2017) and I have two other mysteries.  So far, all my mysteries fall into the "Cozy Mystery" category and I am currently working on another.