The women learn to keep to themselves, after discovering that not only are women scarce, but healers are few and far between. The remote area hasn’t had a real doctor since old Doc Sanderson passed, almost a year back. They could easily disappear into the mountains and never see civilization again. That fact is driven home repeatedly by the longing looks tossed their way from the savage mountain men.

All things considered, each woman finds herself grateful to be riding at a brave’s back. However, she must rely upon that man to feed her, keep her safe, and even to share his body heat at night. It’s natural to become overly familiar when traveling in such close proximity. It’s also difficult not to kindle romance with the playful males, especially since they are totally off the charts hot.
Just when things are warming up, one of the women is abducted by the unpredictable mountain folk. In the beginning, it is unclear if they take Cassandra because she’s a doctor or because her captor wants a bride. Unbeknownst to most people, capture brides have been part of the hill tradition for over a hundred years.

The crash of cultures leaves Cassandra’s head spinning, as she desperately tries to figure out a way to escape without bringing bloodshed to her new native friends or the clan members residing in the twelve mountain region. If there is a way out, she must find it before violence breaks out.

Surviving a plane crash can be a traumatic event, even for women specially trained to handle medical disasters. Forcing themselves to jump, they pray that their chutes open. Landing in the wilds of the Appalachian Mountains, with black bears, wolves, and bobcats on the prowl, the women are forced to pull together to survive.

Thankfully, rescue comes in the form of Native American volunteers from the local ranger’s station. The men are savvy survivalist, and experienced navigating the rough terrain. More importantly, their rescuers are on friendly terms with the clannish mountain men who still inhabit the Twelve Mountain region. It comes as a rude awakening to find that they are viewed as outsiders.

A Native American Romance

Set In The Appalachian Mountains