Premade Covers

It’s the year 2092 and the world is a very different place.  Especially, since the end of the alien wars.  The earth is now populated by several different species all living side by side, working together, and things can get rough. 

Aliens sometimes have difficulty navigating the complexities of human civilization, and there is still much prejudice against the newcomers.

When your back's against the wall and your survival is on the line, don’t trust public law enforcement.  They're overworked, underpaid, and spend most of their time combating the never ending war on designer drugs.

No matter who's after you, alien or human, a good hunter can mean the difference between life and death.  Get the best hunter you can find, and then sit back, and enjoy the no holds barred thrill ride as they do their thing. Dakota Davenport is the best in the business.  She protects newcomers with a vengeance.  Trust me, she won’t let you down.

Convergence of Souls is a good introduction to a Sci-Fi series.

Get ready for a new world called Hundari Prime. Two species of people (Munori and Ontari) live in harmony ruled by the ancient ones.

The men outnumber the women so finding a mate is a priority on both species list.

You'll meet some interesting characters of both species and some humans too!

The characters are fascinating and the story reads quickly.

I think this is going to be a great series!