After a plane crash in the Appalachian Mountain range, four women must pull together to survive. The very real fear of black bears, wildcats and losing their way is quickly replaced by relief when they are met by five natives on horseback. 

As they make their way to civilization, they bump into local hill folk. Though the rough spoken mountain men are on good terms with the natives, it becomes increasingly clear that they are suspicious of strangers. The men are descended from Scottish settlers and remain very clannish. Their ways are antiquated and out of sync with the modern age, which isn’t all that surprising since they rarely come down out of the hills.

The women quickly learn to keep to themselves because both healers and women are in short supply. They could easily disappear and never be seen again. Each finds herself riding at a brave’s back and relying upon that man to feed her, keep her save and even for him to share his body heat at night. As time wears on, it’s natural to become overly familiar. It’s also hard not to kindle romance with the playful males, especially since they are totally off the charts hot.